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What makes a house sell?

To have a successful sale requires that you concentrate on five considerations: Price Terms Condition Location Exposure Since you can’t control all of these terms, you may have to overcompensate in one or more areas to offset a competitive disadvantage in another.

Selling Tips!!

Create a “fact sheet” about your house and neighborhood. Give your house a bath – pressure wash exterior Clean window screens. Clean windows inside/out. Clean and clear your kitchen counters. Remove any attached items such as chandeliers, stained glass that you do not intend to sell with your house, replace with something stylish. A light, […]

Can I sell my house myself?

Many people believe they can save a considerable amount of money by selling on their own. They look at the average commission on a house, and remember stories of friends or relatives who managed to get through the process with seemingly little trouble.  “People sell their own homes,” they say 0 “so why can’t I?” […]

Client Testimonials

Thanks to The Rodgers Team, I have a house that I have made my home. I have made one of the biggest and best investments in my life, especially during the real estate boom in our area. I would recommend The Rodgers Team to anyone interested in buying or selling a home.
-The Happiest Home Owner Ever & Heather